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H&B Packing Co., Inc. was founded in 1953 in Waco, Texas, by Henry Heyman and his son-in-law, Jake Bauer. Henry had began making sausage products several years before that in a makeshift smokehouse he had built behind his residence, and began marketing his product in the square in Downtown Waco. 

It wasn't long before Henry's sausage had become a favorite among local Wacoans, and he visualized being able to supply Central Texas and beyond with his products. The site chosen for this venture was just North of the Brazos River, and a very short distance from the famous Waco Suspension bridge, the crossing point of cattle and ranchers following the Chisholm Trail.  

Henry and Jake's initial goal was to build a sustainable business that would be able to provide its customers with a quality product. Over 60 years later, the business model, consumer-driven goals, and our core values remain the same, and we are proud to be one of the first family-owned beef processors to still be operating in the state of Texas today. 

  Today, Jake Bauer and his wife Simone, are still actively involved in the day to day operations at the facility serving as President and Treasurer respectively. Their two sons, Richard and Benjy Bauer oversee the plant operations on a daily basis. Richard is the establishment's Vice President of Production, and works directly with the procurement of cattle and raw materials, while Benjy serves as the Vice President of Operations and directly manages the facility and staff with a hands on approach. 

   Benjy's children, Kam and Kalize Bauer are also both key pieces within the Company's infrastructure. Kam serves at the Plant Manager of the facility, while Kalize represents the family and company serving as Sales Manager.

   From our family to your fork, our goal is to provide our customers and consumer base with the best that beef has to offer. We have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to our products, and you can be sure that we strive everyday to produce a safe and wholesome product for all to enjoy.                                                                                                                       

Above: Henry Heyman looks over beef products, as Jake Bauer (Left center) supervises the practices and employees in the processing department.

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